About us

We create, build and design the creative done for you flipbook

What is a Flipbook?

A flipbook is an interactive, online HTML5 publication that has the look and feel of a real page-turning publication (complete with page-turning sound effects, page shadows, and more). Flipbooks are currently used to replace conventional digital PDFs and paper-based documents such as reports, presentations, magazines, catalogs, brochures, books, and more. A digital flipbook looks and feels exactly like a printed publication with pages that can be flipped and turned – without the cost of printing!

What are Flipbooks Used For?

Magazines, Ebooks & Flipbooks are used for publishing online magazines and eBooks due to their “real-feel” page-turning effect and responsive clarity and sharpness on all screens and devices.  Easy to edit and distribute, flipbooks are used for fashion and lifestyle magazines, cookbooks, children’s books, university admissions books, scholarly journals, etc.

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